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Here We Tow are Karina, Jules and our German Shepherd Fudge.

Our Adria journey began back in the Spring of 2017. We started looking for a touring caravan to enjoy regular holidays as a couple. We had never had a touring caravan before, just a static, so the whole process was new to us. After months of searching for the perfect caravan we found the Adria Adora Isonzo. We knew we wanted a large caravan due to planning to be away much of the time, holidaying.

We collected our Adria in April 2018 and one month later we both retired early from public service. We decided to vlog and blog about our adventures to share them with others and we now spend most of our time holidaying in our Adria around the country. Here We Tow are enjoying a laid back and relaxed lifestyle touring in our Adria and seeing amazing places and meeting new people. We have forged friendships along the way, which without the Adria we would never have done. We intend to bring these adventures to others and share our travels to inspire others to make the most of every day.


The introduction as to how we came to be proud owners of an Adria caravan may be something many can relate to. Jules and I had worked hard for many years, both as Police Officers, we enjoyed regular holidays abroad but had to leave our dog, Fudge, behind in kennels. We would head to the airport where we had to pay to park, then there were the queues for security, the flight delays, the long flights with no leg room, the cost of the holiday, the disappointment with the hotel room and the lukewarm restaurant food.

It was in one such holiday that we talked about what it would be like to own a touring caravan, to have our own holiday home on wheels. We liked the fact that Fudge wouldn’t have to be left behind, the bed would be our own with our home comforts and we could still take the caravan abroad if we liked. Our thoughts soon turned to actions and at the start of 2017 we started visiting dealers to look at various makes and models. We were some what overcome by all the lengths, widths, layouts and choices available. As newcomers to the caravan world we also had little idea about the accessories we might need, the advantages and disadvantages to any of our choices and if we would even like caravanning.

Sadly, around this time my Mum was diagnosed with terminal Cancer and we knew she wouldn’t be able to fly abroad for much longer. Mum involved herself in our caravan search too and found much pleasure in hearing about our plans, which would include her too.

By September 2017 we had decided upon our caravan choice, we knew we wanted an 8ft wide caravan, as we felt space was important to us and wanted a fixed island bed and wet central heating. This latter piece of advice proved more valuable than we could imagine as just before the show we happened upon a vlog on YouTube by Andrew Ditton, a caravan vlogger. We watched his vlog with wide-eyed fixated interest, there it was, the Adria Adora Isonzo. Suddenly our caravan choice world had been turned upside down, how had we missed this silver fronted stunner. Almost the day after we watched the Adria vlog, we made our way to our nearest dealer, Stewart Longton at Chorley. As we headed in to the showroom we saw the Isonzo and our initial reaction was”Wow”. The Adria had a striking appearance, 8ft wide and over 8 metres long. The silver front and huge windows looked impressive and the silver sides and single axle were a winner. The benefit of the single axle meant the motor-mover would be cheaper as the Adria didn’t need a twin mover, unlike a twin axle. It would also be easier to fit an Al-ko wheel lock to one wheel and it would save money as we would only need one wheel lock. We headed inside for our first look. The light wood and white work surface of the interior meant the space inside seemed light and airy.

The build quality, compared to much of what we had seen before, was worlds apart, the Adria felt strong and solid. For what the Adria lacks in fluffiness it makes up for in strength and build. Straight away the huge tower fridge and freezer were impressive, ideal for us as we were planning to tour for weeks at a time. The wardrobe and floor to ceiling shelving unit was also a positive for all our clothes and towels. The Adria also had Alde wet central heating, an external gas point for the barbecue and a three pin plug socket in the wet locker. The fixed island bed was one of the longest we had seen and we also liked the window behind the bed as well as on the opposite wall, which we hadn’t seen before. It let more light in to the bedroom and gave a more open and spacious feel.

Its fair to say that after seeing the Adria Isonzo we fell in love with it and there was no comparison, for the price we didn’t think you could get more for your money, and being from Yorkshire that’s very important. The overall build quality was important in our decision and knowing we would be holidaying a lot we needed that reliability. We felt Adria delivered on that.

We headed off excitedly to the Caravan and Motorhome Show in October 2017 and made a dash for the Adria stand. We ordered our Isonzo, along with a motor-mover and the countdown to delivery was on. Whilst waiting for our Adria to arrive, Jules and I made a number of decisions about our future and we decided to take an opportunity that was given to us to retire from work. This would mean we had more time to spend with Mum and to enjoy our Adria.

Our Adria Isonzo was ready to collect in April 2018 and we could barely wait. We handed over all our pennies and that was it, our real Adria adventures had begun. Our car was full of all our accessories, the awning, security devices, levellers, bedding, pots and pans, you name it we had it. We hitched up for the first time and off we went on our first holiday.I honestly cannot describe our excitement and how proud we were of our new Adria. Of course we were nervous, we had only gathered some idea if what to do next by watching youtube and reading blogs and forum advice, but that was what our adventures were all about, learning. That was it, we were on our own, little did we know how much fun lay ahead!


Its been a year since we collected our Adria Isonzo and it that year many things have changed….

We left the Police and re-evaluated our lifestyle and where our adventures would take us next. Sadly my Mum passed away in November 2018 but she did get to go away in the Adria and enjoyed caravanning as much as us. In the twelve months of Adria ownership we have been delighted with it, we have created some great memories already, met some amazing people and not regretted our decision for a minute. Most importantly our Adria has not let us down once, nothing has broken or failed, it tows with exceptional manners and it makes us feel safe in it. When we go home we just want to be away again, so we don’t go home much now as our Adria is more like home.


We have lots of travels booked for 2019 and we are going to enjoy every day. Thank you Adria and thank you Andrew Ditton.

We will keep you updated with Here We Tow’s adventures over the course of the next few months…

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