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Adria Concessionaires Ltd.

Drury Drive
CO10 1WH
Tel. +44 1787 888980


Distribution partner Adria Concessionaires Limited.

Adria’s selects and works closely with its national distribution partners to ensure the optimum selection of products, features and layouts are available tailored to the preferences of each national market and local consumer needs.

Dear Adria Friends,

Over 47 years we have listened to you and embraced your passion to produce the highest quality durable products. Adria products combine the results of our vast knowledge, prestigious design and the highest British customer expectations. Although we are not a British manufacturer, everything we design and create is with our British customers in mind. The result is the Adria brand, which is synonymous with top quality and top design. Our passion never stops at the sales of products, we continue to support you as our Adria family member, through the lifetime of our product. Anyone who has ever owned an Adria will know all about our strong and enduring relationship with our customers. Without our tireless enthusiasm, dedication and imagination and your satisfaction and countless happy holidays with Adria products, the world of caravanning would be much less rich and vibrant than is today.

Slavica Sterk M.Sc.
Managing Director